Vomit Storm: Mudge Or Be Mudged! LP Release

Crust Mar 07, 2016


You’re in for an utterly ill-mannered and throughly brain-battering treat if you pick up Mudge Or Be Mudged! The wonderfully ugly and raw debut album from Wellington, New Zealand metal punks Vomit Storm was originally released back in 2014, and the long-overdue physical release of Mudge Or Be Mudged! is finally upon us. Below are a couple of paragraphs I wrote about the album many moons ago. But they’re as relevant today as they ever were. Grab your copy here. It’s nasty fun, guaranteed. You won’t regret it.

To understand why Vomit Storm’s 2014 album Mudge Or Be Mudged! is something you need to hear, you have to first understand the meaning of one word: rungas. Obviously, if you’re reading this from New Zealand’s shores, then you don’t need rungas defined. But, for anyone else, rungas is a word you’d use to describe many squalid scenarios. When it comes to Vomit Storm’s music, it refers to the fact that the band’s punked-up thrash is made by scumbags for scumbags. You know, scumbags like you, and me, and Vomit Storm.

Vomit Storm

Vomit Storm are my favourite live band in New Zealand right now. Because when the trio step on stage, what you get is no bullshit, stench-ridden crossover thrash, played at a million miles an hour. Of course, transferring that kind of energy onto an album isn’t an easy task. But that clearly wasn’t an issue for Vomit Storm. Because Mudge Or Be Mudged! was as rungas as rungas as rungas can get. It’s all Ritalin-snorting, bud-smoking, beer guzzling, and downright filthy fucking magnificence. Highly recommended for aficionados of red-raw tunes and unmitigated mayhem.

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