Winter Deluge: Devolution – Decay

2016 Oct 27, 2016


Changes within a band can lead to creative uncertainty or even outright artistic collapse. But that’s clearly not an issue for New Zealand black metal outfit Winter Deluge. Last time we heard from the group was back in 2012, when they released their hate-fuelled full-length debut, As the Earth Fades into Obscurity. Since then, Winter Deluge have cycled through a few bassists, and lost and gained both a guitarist and a vocalist. But none of those changes has dented or derailed Winter Deluge’s malevolent mission in the slightest. If anything, Winter Deluge’s brand new sophomore full-length, Devolution – Decay, is even more of an incendiary assault upon everyone and everything…

[Click here to read the rest of my review of Winter Deluge’s Devolution – Decay over on No Clean Singing.]

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