Vesicant: Shadows of Cleansing Iron

Vesicant: Shadows of Cleansing Iron.


There Is No Music from China

There Is No Music from China lifts the lid on a little-known music scene, revealing a host of ingenious music/mischief-makers from China’s experimental arts community.


Heresiarch: Death Ordinance

Heresiarch deliver a singularly brute force audio onslaught — aka everything you want in an obliterating war metal juggernaut.


Seht: I Follow the Moon

I Follow the Moon sees delicate shifts in sound mix with background murmurs and barely-there whispers to fashion blissed-out soundscapes.


Enter the Soil: That Amber Lit Morning

Enter the Soil is clearly happy to provide an ocean of solemn music for us to luxuriate in anytime.


Blame Thrower: 63.5

Punchy, grunty, propulsive and greasy: 63.5 is rip-snortin’ fun.


Ancient Tapes: Demo

Ancient Tapes’ demo is hugely promising. It certainly references the past, but the music therein retains a timeless quality that speaks directly to the heart.


Outré Monde #2: Kromosom & Narrow Lands

Music writer Erik Highter and I get our Outré Monde groove back on and discuss two Australian bands making an ear-splitting racket: noise punks Kromosom and noise rockers Narrow Lands.


Noel Meek with Richard Youngs, Neil Campbell and Lasse Marhaug

I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised that Meek and his friends have produced such diverse and engrossing music, given label End of the Alphabet’s reputation for delivering just that, time and again.


Fuckalt: Archeology Vol​.​1: Dust & I Spent So Long Trying to Kill Myself…

Fuckalt delivers blissful electronics with a side-helping of subliminal anxiety.