Noel Meek with Richard Youngs, Neil Campbell and Lasse Marhaug

I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised that Meek and his friends have produced such diverse and engrossing music, given label End of the Alphabet’s reputation for delivering just that, time and again.


Fuckalt: Archeology Vol​.​1: Dust & I Spent So Long Trying to Kill Myself…

Fuckalt delivers blissful electronics with a side-helping of subliminal anxiety.


Sol Mortvvs: Sol I, II, III

Sol I, II, and III feature dissonant passages that’ll corrode your neurons.


Ov Pain: S/T

There’s plenty of catchy pop to be found on Ov Pain –– albeit pop that’s shrouded in twilight’s shade.


Bent Folk: Why / Liar / Gone

Why / Liar / Gone unnerves as much as it soothes.


Arc of Ascent: Realms of the Metaphysical

Arc of Ascent operate on a whole other plane of existence. It’s damn good to have the riff wizards back.


Homegrown Ambient Music With Omit and Fuckault

A double dose of homegrown ambient music with Omit’s Negative Pulse Logic and Fuckault’s Sine Works Vol​.​1: Organics.


Northumbria: Markland

Northumbria make maximum use of their minimalism to strip away the distractions of modernity and tell a tale that resonates with primal emotions buried deep in our marrow.


Long Distance Runner: No Value

No question, No Value is a great debut. But, even better, it shows a lot of promise for Long Distance Runner’s artistic future.


Girls Pissing On Girls Pissing: Songs of Sodomy & The Compost of Aethyr

Songs of Sodomy & The Compost of Aethyr is monstrous vision, fully realised.