Arc of Ascent: Realms of the Metaphysical

Arc of Ascent operate on a whole other plane of existence. It’s damn good to have the riff wizards back.


Homegrown Ambient Music With Omit and Fuckault

A double dose of homegrown ambient music with Omit’s Negative Pulse Logic and Fuckault’s Sine Works Vol​.​1: Organics.


Northumbria: Markland

Northumbria make maximum use of their minimalism to strip away the distractions of modernity and tell a tale that resonates with primal emotions buried deep in our marrow.


Long Distance Runner: No Value

No question, No Value is a great debut. But, even better, it shows a lot of promise for Long Distance Runner’s artistic future.


Girls Pissing On Girls Pissing: Songs of Sodomy & The Compost of Aethyr

Songs of Sodomy & The Compost of Aethyr is monstrous vision, fully realised.

Milton slider

Antony Milton: Mrtyu!, Streaming Black, And Off-White

Milton’s music is often no-fi, off-the-grid, and red-raw. And it’s also heart-rending yet wholly euphoric.


Hiboux: Command the Earth to Swallow Me Up

New Zealand instrumental band Hiboux make melodic and poetic post-rock that combines transportive escapism with deep-set catharsis.


Spiteful Urinator: Absurdities And Death Rites

Spiteful Urinator are masters at making vile noise. And if you’re looking for music that sounds and feels like it actively hates you, Absurdities and Death Rites is the perfect place to start.


Distro-y Records: A Half-Dozen Ragers

Six of the best releases from Irish hardcore and crust label Distro-y Records.


Stalker: Satanic Panic

Satanic Panic is just pure, unadulterated metal fun.