Up The Punks & Rogernomix’s Tour of OZ / Asia 2016

Up The Punks & Rogernomix’s Tour of OZ / Asia 2016. Crusty good times, guaranteed.

New Model Army - Winter

New Model Army: Winter

The world might be going to hell, but New Model Army are still manning the barricades and howling defiantly.


Ritual Abuse & Trepanation

A couple of recent cult NZ metal releases you might have missed.


First Pass: #1

First Pass #1: short and unedited reviews of music that’s caught my ear. If typos upset you, it’s best you look away now.


Bloodnut: Blues from the Red Sons

There’s a lot to enjoy in the red-hot heavyweight rock heard on Bloodnut’s debut. It’s an all-amps-ablazing good time –– from go to whoa.


War//Plague & Bädr Vogu

Here are my two favourite punk albums thus far in 2016.


It’s Alive!

“Had I right, for my own benefit, to inflict this curse upon everlasting generations?”


Six Noises: 2009-2016 (Dead as a Dodo)

Six Noises: 2009-2016. Hasta la vista.


Vomit Storm: Mudge Or Be Mudged! LP Release

You’re in for an utterly ill-mannered and throughly brain-battering treat if you pick up Mudge Or Be Mudged!

Crazy Craig (1)

Six Noises Crowdfunding Campaign

I’ve started a crowdfunding campaign. I’d love it if you could get on board and help me transform Six Noises into all it can be.